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Forty years ago, a group of artists and art lovers organized an explosive contemporary art exhibition in Fribourg. Almost ten years later, in November 1990, Michel Ritter became the first director of the Centre d'art contemporain, which moved to the Petites-Rames 22 in the picturesque Basse-Ville. More than 10 years of exhibitions followed, making Fri Art one of the most innovative art venues in Switzerland. This issue of PRO FRIBOURG tells the story of this first generation of art defenders who contributed to transform the cultural landscape of Fribourg. The remarkable photographic work of Eliane Laubscher bears witness to this. As Paul Jacquat reminded us in a recent telephone conversation, Fri Art was above all a style of discovery and provocation; an energy at the service of artists whose mission was to put the public in contact with the buzzing creative activity of the cultural capitals of the world.

– Éditorial
– 1980: L'aventure Fri Art, années 1980 (Walter Tschopp)
– 1980: Fri-Art 81 en image (Walter Tschopp) 
– 1980: Fri-Art 81, le procès (Walter Tschopp)
– Influence: Une révélation (Olivier Suter) 
– Entretien: Fri Art vu par Eliane Laubscher (Questions de Nicolas Brulhart et David Meszes)
– Porfolio: Eliane Laubscher
– 1990: Michel Ritter et l'art des années 1990 à Fri Art (Nicolas Brulhart)
Responsible for the publication: Mélanie Rouiller
Editors: Nicolas Brulhart, Eliane Laubscher, Olivier Suter, Walter Tschopp
Photographs: Jean-Luc Cramatte, Eliane Laubscher, Archive I Archives du Futur Antérieur, Julie Langenegger, Walter Tschopp
Design and layout: Caroline Bruegger, Fribourg
Printing: Stämpfli SA, Bern
ISSN : 0256-1476


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