Matter of non

Ceylan Öztrük

Ceylan Öztrük
Matter of non
3.10.2021 – 09.01.2022

Friart presents an important exhibition by the Swiss-based Turkish artist Ceylan Öztrük. At the base of Öztrük’s work is a fundamental reflection on the very possibility of sculpture, which is never assumed to be self-evident. In Matter of non, the artist deals with the poetic expression of matter’s in/determinate origin. The show presents itself as a series of spatial aphorisms (about the relationship between existence and death) that simultaneously fulfill and relieve each other. Inspired by quantum physics as much as by psychoanalysis, Matter of non is an attempt to integrate matter into its non/existent matrix. In this address, the body – a central referent in the history of sculpture normally divided between language and flesh – must yield to the vertigo of the inhuman.

The exhibition is accompanied by a prose text written by Ceylan Öztrük, which collects clues in a narrative space of its own. Finding its diffracted way through language and matter, spacing, as an idea and a practice, works allegorically.

Graphism: Pierrick Brégeon

02.10.2021 15:00
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