Friart x Bad Bonn :


Kunsthalle Friart Fribourg

Asmus Tietchens, experimental composer, discreet legend of German electronic music, active since the 1960s, will present a hypnotic live music at the Kunsthalle Friart.

Tietchens and his approach to live music made of collages of modified sound banks will compose the ideal soundtrack for the exhibitions of Brad Kronz and Elise Corpataux; artists who plunge us into the long corridors of memory. 

Stubborn are a musical group formed from a collaboration between artists/musicians Valerie Keane, Jeffrey Joyal and Brad Kronz. Their self titled record will be released later this June. This will be their first performance outside of North America.

Free admission to the exhibitions and bar open from 4:30 pm to 10 pm. The artists Elise Corpataux and Brad Kronz, as well as curator Nicolas Brulhart, will be present for free visits. Concerts from 7.30pm.