Christian Marclay

  • Christian Marclay

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

Better known for his musical performances, Christian Marclay the plastician invests simultaneously the buildings of Fri-Art in Fribourg and the gallery of Berlin D.A.A.D.

Christian Marclay is especially known of the public for the concerts which he carries out with for only instrument record players and the “music of others”, arranged, adulterated, exploited with his manner. He creates the sounds while intervening on the vinyl matter. Since 1987, Christian Marclay decreased his musical services to devote himself to the realization of plastic works, remaining closely connected to the sound.

Thus, one of the pieces still conveys sound: noises invade a neutral space, titillating the imagination which reconstitutes the images which are associated to them. Another piece is a kind of mise en image of the sound. The noises are associated to this other dimension of the space which is the visual one. The artist prolongs the sound vibrations in their plastic corollary of a parallel emotive intensity. The border between arts is erased. The images become noisy or quiet and the sound is accompanied by the glance.

A publication bringing together the two events is published.