Fribourg under monitoring

  • Julia Scher

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

Julia Scher has for several years installed monitoring systems in galleries, museums, private and public spaces, to examine their social and psychological effect. Our way of life pushed us to satisfy our legitimate need for safety and protection. To observe the other remotely, without knowing him. Technology forms an integral part of our environment and the history of the relation between the media (in a broad direction of the term), modernity, technology, the identity and the representation is a capacity, lately seeming like a network of affiliations, which has decisional consequences, political and psychological. Fribourg under monitoring is the title of one of the installations carried out with Fri-Art.

Julia Scher had monitoring cameras placed in various places of the city, as well as in the immediate neighbourhood and spaces of the Art Centre. The spectator can view on several monitors and according to a mise-en-scène especially conceived by the artist, an environment which belongs to her everyday life.

Fribourg under monitoring image
Fribourg under monitoring image