Shirin Neshat

  • Shirin Neshat

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

The majority of the photographs of Shirin Neshat presented at Fri-Art are a specific work on the role of the Islamic woman committed in the army, subject particularly intriguing for the artist. Thus, the nation which in general considers the woman lower than the man accepts it like its equal in war. The “poetry” of this contradiction between femininity/violence, martyr/terrorism and of the paradox or conflict between innocent/guilty, good/bad, positive/negative, is the subject of the majority of these photographs and the topic of the poems – written by women writers who have a major conviction in contemporary Islam – that Shirin Neshat re-transcribes on the visible part of the body of these characters, on the photograph itself.

Exhibition in parallel: Florence Paradeis

Shirin Neshat image
Shirin Neshat image