Artistes fribourgeois

  • Boris Baeriswyl
  • Jean-Daniel Berclaz
  • Adrian Fahrlaender
  • Jean-Damien Fleury
  • Sarah Glaisen
  • Michel Gremaud
  • Christiane Hamacher
  • Christiane Lovay
  • Vincent Marbacher
  • Yves Marti

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

This exhibition brings together ten artists who present three facets of art: painting, the sculpted object and the installation. Not choosing only one discipline and only one artist by discipline, to widen the vision of the regional production and to show, according to a defined concept, part of the artistic potential of our environment, is the concern which dictated the choice of the artists.

Admittedly, a public of initiates can sometimes detect connotations with known works. Few artists, at the international level, open new territories, but the majority use these new “spaces” and thus make it possible to refine perception of it. This research is essential to the evolution of art. It is certain that the more stimulant the environment is for the artist, more quickly will he push back the limits of creation, which is not always the case in our canton (absence of school of art, etc).

There are in Fribourg artists able to create work in margin. Any local creation has its importance, if the artists try to find their own writing, in agreement with themselves and their environment. Knowledge of what is created elsewhere can encourage them to be repositioned continuously compared to the various current currents, by confronting their personal step with that of artists of various sources.