Claude Lévêque / Jens Wallin

  • Claude Lévêque
  • Jens Wallin

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

This exhibition highlights the methods of control which our society uses to protect itself. Their use can be an acknowledgement of failure of the communication in the human reports.

By using these safety devices, Claude Lévêque and Jens Wallin reveal a concept of danger and omnipresent fear in the two installations, as well as a form of rupture, skid. On one hand, to protect the ideas, the unperceivable, the becoming, as one protects the material properties or the socio-policitical ideologies and on the other, lead the spectator, channel him to put him in optimal condition, like controls with a crowd in a demonstration. The goal is to learn to live with our doubts, our insecurities and the absence of answers to our questions.

Claude Lévêque concentrated himself from 1993 to 1995, on installations which were linked to shortly after parties: 

It is the violence of the party, the destruction it generates, its “discharge” side that Claude Lévêque underlines through his installations of the period shortly after parties, the remains scattered are there to point out the violence of these collective meetings to us, as if it had been about a confrontation, of a meeting of which there remained nothing any more, giving the impression to the spectator that he arrives after a battle.
(Introduction of the maintenance with Frederic Fournier and Claude Lévêque, The party’s over, Blocnotes N° 12, April-May 1996).

Jens Wallin, whose installation Watch out is visible in Fribourg, is a hybrid name created by Magnus Wallin, born in 1965, Swedish artist, and Jens Haaning, born in 1965, Danish artist.

Claude Lévêque / Jens Wallin image
Claude Lévêque / Jens Wallin image