Marijke Van Warmerdam
Bonjour, bon écho with the participation of 25 Swiss artists

  • Ian Anüll
  • John M. Armleder
  • Silvia Bächli
  • Marianne Eigenheer
  • Peter Emch
  • Ariane Epars
  • Helmut Federle
  • Sylvie Fleury
  • Marianne Geiger
  • Leiko Ikemura
  • Rolf Iseli
  • Claudio Moser
  • Meret Oppenheim
  • Vaklav Pozarek
  • Ugo Rondinone
  • Dieter Roth
  • Ilona Ruegg
  • Christoph Rütimann
  • Albrecht Schnider
  • Adrian Schiess
  • André Thomkins
  • Jean Tinguely
  • Christian Robert-Tissot
  • Robert Toblerone Ireland
  • Janos Urban
  • Marijke van Warmerdam

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

For Fri-Art, Marijke van Warmerdam invited twenty-five artists and a Swiss chocolate to take part in her work. The exhibition entitled Bonjour, bon écho is articulated around the phenomenon of the echo. To operate the choice of the artists and to give them a framework, Marijke van Warmerdam was based on the twenty five letters composing the name and the address of FRI-ART PETITES-RAMES FRIBOURG: F as Fleury Sylvie, R as Rondinone Ugo, I as Ikemura Leiko, etc. The invited artists represent a current state of the art of our country, whose echo is perceptible, or in the process to be.

Moreover, Echo, a 16mm film, was produced especially for this project and shot in the Préalpes fribourgeoises. The echo of the names of the twenty-five participants, shouted in the mountain by Michel Ritter, director of Fri-Art, against the wall of Gastlosen which makes them rebound, are crystallized on the film. The collective exhibition appears in its turn like a deaf and powerful echo of this state of the art.

Marijke Van Warmerdam image
Marijke Van Warmerdam image
Marijke Van Warmerdam image
Marijke Van Warmerdam image