Art et Mode / Fashion Video

  • Piotr Dluzniewski
  • Majida Khattari
  • Sandra Kuratle
  • J. Morgan Puett
  • Pascale Gatzen
  • Hussein Chalayan
  • RUN 5 / Suzan Ciancolo
  • Anette Aurell
  • Judy Elkan
  • Viktor et Rolf
  • George Tony Stoll
  • Martin Margiela
  • Sarah Schwartz
  • Tomato
  • Bernadette Corporation
  • Antek Walczak
  • Giasco Bertoli
  • Clothes by Helmut Lang
  • Marcelo Krasilcic
  • Clothes by Kostas Murkudis
  • Laetitia Benat
  • Clothes by Comme des Garçons

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter, Olivier Zahm

With Piotr Dluzniewski, Majida Khattari, Sandra Kuratle, J. Morgan Puett

For the first part of the exhibition Art et Mode, the choice of the artists was determined by the observation, perhaps debatable, of Ingrid Sischy, Germano Concealing and Luigi Settembrini:  “Like art, we can consider the fashion under the anthropological, sociological, philosophical angle”. The artists who work with clothing, just like certain designers using only the quotation of a work of art, do not have all these concerns. Some significant examples of these various aspects are presented: The experiment of a small house of production which stops becomes a means of analysis of the passage of the state of “trade – fashion” in one of “art and trade” (J. Morgan Puett); The sociology and history of the wear of the skirt by men (Sandra Kuratle);  The policy, culture and religion, and the very broad question of the role of the Islamic veil (Majida Katthari); The clothe as an object of desire and erotism (Piotr Dluzniewski).

Concept by Olivier Zahm with Katja Rahlwes for the Purple InsTitute
Pascale Gatzen, Hussein Chalayan (Summer Collection 1998), RUN 5 / Suzan Ciancolo, Anette Aurell, Judy Elkan, Viktor et Rolf, George Tony Stoll, Martin Margiela (Summer Collection 1998), Sarah Schwartz, Tomato, Bernadette Corporation, Antek Walczak, Giasco Bertoli, Clothes by Helmut Lang, Marcelo Krasilcic, Clothes by Kostas Murkudis (Summer collection 1998), Laetitia Benat, Clothes by Comme des Garçons (Summer Collection 1998).

In the second part of the exhibition Fashion Video, Olivier Zahm chose to present fashion in a new way, abstract, sensible, by conceiving an exhibition entirely on video, introducing a narrative part, with moving image and the time factor. By these means, it is possible to mix the various sources that constitute today the territory of visual production of fashion: fashion photographers, graphic designers and artists, put on the same level as the creators themselves.

Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image
Art et Mode / Fashion Video image