Until 19 Feb

La main–pleur

  • Chiara Bertin
  • Guillaume Dénervaud
  • Julie Folly
  • Margaux Huber
  • Jordan Selophane
  • Sacha Rappo
  • Rebecca Solari
  • Remy Ugarte Vallejos
  • René Walker

There is an energetic scene around Fribourg, with an increasing number of artists who do not necessarily live here, but who meet here to engage in dialogue and celebrate art in all its facets. Many artists have spent part of their lives here, leaving to attend schools in other cities, developing their practices there and actively participating in the development of exciting scenes elsewhere in Switzerland and beyond. This exhibition puts the artists of the canton in the spotlight and clearly reflects the impulses of these new generations, their way of engaging in life and thinking about the world.

La main–pleur image
La main–pleur image