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The Year of the Babyshit Brown SUV

  • Andreas Hochuli
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Andreas Hochuli, Abstraction III, 2022

Andreas Hochuli (*1982) is a Swiss painter living in Genoa. For over a decade he has been producing paintings with a frontal aesthetic using solid blocks of intense colour and his own individual composition protocol. His work borrows from a varied lineage, from cut-up to industrial culture and literary moralism. Flâneur, handyman, dilettante researcher, he composes his paintings from the anarchic topsoil of contemporary visual culture that he first assembles in computer sketches before transforming them into painted images, all the while suggesting the alienating force of digital communication space.

A new dream, the interpretation of which is mislaid somewhere in the unconscious,The Year of the Babyshit Brown SUVpresents a body of canvasses that accompany the symbolic slippage of time: unabashed archaic passions, commercial esotericism, deep vibrations illustrate the vestiges of an infernal public space. Alert to the origins and utopias of a bottomless West, the artist spins a spider’s web of signs that evoques the mythical foundations of social ties and the cult of the self.


Nicolas Brulhart

  • State of Fribourg
  • Loterie Romande
  • City of Fribourg
  • Agglomeration Fribourg
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Stiftung Erna und Curt Burgauer

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Andreas Hochuli image

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