Marie-France + Patricia Martin, Claudia + Julia Müller

  • Marie-France + Patricia Martin
  • Claudia + Julia Müller

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

This exhibition presents two ‘pairs’ of Swiss artists. It will attempt to highlight the creative process of two people from the same family and to examine whether it is possible to perceive complementarity, duality or origin of the work. A common memory exists, childhood memories, family, geographical environment, etc.

In their work, Marie-France and Patricia Martin question their twin identity while drawing from the tank of their life experiences. They use simple, current and artisanal objects, which have a direct report with female work like to revalorise them or change their statute. This is obvious in the installation with Fri-Art where they present lace mats on which they intervene by applying formal additions of the same texture. The result of this handling often has a strong erotic load and conceals eminently introspective contents. Thus, they affirm their feminin identity and, according to terms’ of Guy Ledune, “the form finds an intimate origin in a kind of identitairy questionnement referring to their own nature: human nature (the spirit and the body), twin nature (duplicated identity of the twins) and nature of woman (the female body, the report with the men)”.

In their installation ’ Restgefühl’ - Residual feelings - Claudia and Julia Müller highlight ’ suspended moments’ which are familiar to us in various degrees, but on which we express ourselves little. In the atmosphere of a private show, a series of attitudes of everyday life are put in scene, on a fresco drawn on the wall itself. Short moments between two actions: waiting, pause, trouble, suspended, which enable us to reach other levels of conscience, irrational, and to clarify and crystallize our thoughts. On the first floor, the drawings which they call ’ images vulnérables’ confront us with significant, lucid and fragile glances. This confrontation can make us uneasy, but Claudia and Julia Müller specify that ’ the difference between a healthy being and a sick being is not clear ’.