• Nora Kapfer
Nora Kapfer, Untitled (Salami), 2017, 59x61cm, Bitumen and paper on wood panel

For her first institutional exhibition, the artist Nora Kapfer presents a new cycle of paintings alongside a selection of previous works on the ground floor of Friart.

The painter’s experimental approach to the pictorial surface revisits radical questions that modern painting has been asking itself since its inception. Abstraction, gesture, symbol, perception, materiality are tools and exertions transformed by a post-feminist approach of repetition, ornamentation, and code that serves to reconfigure the ever-brittle autonomy of the image in our age.

Drawing on the rules of production from which she derives her freedom, Kapfer’s game of synthesis offers an intelligent baroque palette that makes painting the site of visual thought in negotiation with our hallucinated gaze.

A catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.