How do artists reflect on the conditions of our encounters with images today?

La réforme de Pooky answers this question with a joyfully chaotic exhibition of contemporary painting. It brings together recent works by 19 Swiss and international artists who, rather than offering a clear and transparent message, use painting to talk about the instability of our judgments, our assertions, and the confused relationships between the world, its objects and its affects. 

In Friart, the artists insert themselves into the production of images through vulnerable commitments, steps of withdrawal and the voluntary exploration of dead ends. The exhibition presents itself as an unguarded observation with a shaky assurance. In the constant reflections of other perceptions, Pooky offers an open-ended whole instead of an organization of artworks in the transparent order of discourse.

With work of : Fabienne Audéoud, Sarah Benslimane, Elise Corpataux, Gritli Faulhaber, Sophie Gogl, Jasmine Gregory, Nanami Hori, Tom Humphreys, Marc Kokopeli, Matthew Langan-Peck, Jannis Marwitz, Sophie Reinhold, Marta Riniker-Radich, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Thomas Sauter, Grégory Sugnaux, SoiL Thornton, Amanda del Valle, Jiajia Zhang.

The exhibition is curated by Paolo Baggi, Nicolas Brulhart, Grégory Sugnaux. 

Image after Fabienne Audéoud's The Masculine Thingy of Signification (after Luce Irigaray), detail.

18.02.2022 18:00


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