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Friends Edition 2023
Elise Corpataux, Michel, 2023

The association of Friends of Friart is offering its members or future members the opportunity to purchase a litography by Elise Corpataux during the year 2023. More information

Michel is a lithograph of a work that is in my exhibition Life isn’t good it’s excellent. It is significant because it marks a crossing point in my practice, which until then had been exclusively painterly. I have a strong memory of a series of works by Michel Ritter that featured images of babies in baskets. This series was exhibited in the same space in 2021. So this edition is also an allusion to an artist figure who preceded me. In my work, it often happens that the motifs are allusions. Without the gesture being heavy-handed, I am concerned with paying tribute out of affinity, in an affective rather than theoretical relationship.” (Elise Corpataux)

Elise Corpataux ( *1994, Fribourg ) graduated from the Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW in 2020 and was awarded the Leenaards Foundation scholarship in 2021. Based on a technique that expressively captures semi-conscious wanderings, Elise Corpataux develops a painting practice that revolves around sentimental imagery. Her paintings, infused with romantic tropes, evoke the passage of time, the fluctuations of the days and the nostalgic. Among her recent exhibitions, Liste Art Fair, Basel, with the gallery suns.works ( 2022 ) ; La Réforme de Pooky, Kunsthalle Friart Fribourg ( 2022 ) ; After David Reed’s Bedrooms ( with Nicolas Ponce ) ( 2022 ) ; spring owns everything, Plymouth Rock ( 2021 ) ; Special Favor ( with Natacha Donzé ), galerie lange+pult, Auvernier ( 2021 ) ; Kiefer Hablitzel Prize, Halle 3, Basel ( 2021 ) ; Plattform19, CACY, Yverdon-les-Bains ; Image : Reading, Forde, Geneva ( 2018 ).