Technoculture [Computer World]

  • Al Comet
  • Stefan Altenburger
  • Daniel Garcia Andujar
  • Lia B.
  • Jean-Yves Barbichon
  • Ambroise Barras
  • Thomas Bayrle
  • Justin Bennett
  • Jörg Bosshard
  • Büro Destruct
  • Shawn Chappelle
  • Michèle Cournoyer
  • Database 59 (Prompt
  • Bentley
  • MXP
  • Nat
  • Paparazzi
  • Franz Treichler
  • Fred 59
  • Christophe Sutter
  • D'Tsack
  • Fil
  • Mental Groove
  • Basic Radio
  • Otaku
  • Olidez
  • Massimo Gruppo
  • Fuel
  • Anne)
  • The Designer's Republic
  • Diedrich Diderichsen
  • DJ Ash-A-Tak
  • DJ Bas
  • DJ Seek
  • DJ Sid
  • DJ Stroboscop
  • DJ Triple R
  • DJ Trio (Christian Marclay
  • Toshio Kajiwara and DJ Olive
  • The Audio Janitor)
  • DJ Vadim
  • DTP
  • Hervé Graumann
  • Fabrice Gygi
  • Christiane Hamacher
  • Anna Henckel-Donnermarck
  • Andre Iten
  • Jodi
  • Peter Kogler
  • Simone Lamunière
  • Le Quan Ninh
  • L/B
  • Marita Liulia
  • Zilla Leutenegger
  • Elena Montesinos
  • Mariko Mori
  • Gianni Motti
  • Matt Mullican
  • Name Diffusion
  • Carsten Nicolai
  • (Philip Pocock
  • Florian Wenz
  • Udo Noll
  • Felix S. Huber
  • Mo Diener
  • Davide Legittimo
  • ØTherselves)
  • Markus Popp (Oval)
  • Alexander Purkart
  • Gerwald Rockenschaub
  • Laetitia Sonami
  • Heidi Specker
  • Sidney Stucki
  • Voice Crack
  • Franz Treichler

The exhibition is curated by Michel Ritter

In this exhibition is presented the artistic creation using technology in various forms, as well as its conscious or unconscious influence on our environment and our way of life. We can listen to and see everything that comes from technoculture: music, graphics, logos and flyers, which reflect new forms of communication, as well as various artistic researches in catch with technology.

The principle of this exhibition is to present an “unpacking” of various products from techno culture, to outline a criticism and to measure the influence of technology in the current creative process. Is it essential or it is only a “crutch” which could be replaced?  Moreover the exhibition allows the creation of references crossed between the world of contemporary art and of music, to mix the various scenes and to try to develop new indefinable spaces:  physical spaces, but also philosophical, to mix the genders, open and eliminate the borders and allow the doubt to install itself.

This exhibition was realized with the help of people active in the musical and artistic world: Adrien Laubscher (Fri-Son, DTP, FDA), Sidney Stucki (Mental Groove, Axodya) Franz Treichler (The Young Gods, Database 59), Fri-Son Fribourg, Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine Saint-Gervais Genève, Musiques Frizième Siècle Fribourg

Technoculture [Computer World] image
Technoculture [Computer World] image
Technoculture [Computer World] image
Technoculture [Computer World] image
Technoculture [Computer World] image
Technoculture [Computer World] image